Friday, November 27, 2015

WE BeLieVe in WildGardenDesigns≽❃≼

Featuring Pam ~
Wild Garden Designs Shop at Etsy
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A Collection of Handmade Jewelry
& Hair Accessories 
Inspired by the 
Beauty of a Wild Garden
Pam is the Designer and Photographer of all her 
Lovely items in her Shop
She is very much inspired by Nature and 
love of her Garden as she loves bold color!
When not working in her Etsy Shop she is happy with time spent in her Garden ~ along with her faithful companion IVY the kitty with magical green eyes!

This was a year of Succulents in the California drought~
Pam surrounds her garden with even more bold colors of a blue picket fence!
She is also a Collector of Vintage Quilts and displays many family heirlooms in her home!

Please Visit Pam's Etsy Shop for more Rustic Nature Inspired Delights
to add to your Jewelry Collections
Beautiful Shop for your Holiday Gift Shopping !                                               

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  1. love Pam's wildflower blue picket fence!!!!!

  2. Ohh yes, lovely work and that little kitty seems to be a good helper!

  3. Wow! This is such an honor!

    Thank you Scarlett for this gorgeous feature of my shop and designs ~ you've done an amazing job <3 <3 <3

  4. Gorgeous feature for a wonderful shop--wishing you lots of sales Pam!!

  5. Beautiful jewels, Pam!! And succulents save the day ♥


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