Sunday, November 29, 2015

WE BeLieVe in MammaBook ≽❃≼

Meet Silvia from MammaBook at Etsy

Silvia's  journey began with a blog - Mammabook!

Silvia began keeping a journal on line of her daily life and activities
with her two children.
Entertaining her children  with whimsical stories of
fairy tales, dragons, castles and princesses~
her magical miniatures were born after she painted her first stone
for her captivated audience!
Desiring to be a stay at home mother and experience daily life with her family
she ventured into the online marketplace with her Hopes & Dreams!
where today she is ≽❃≼

Painting Dreams One Stone at a Time!!!!

She loves being a part of the creative process of handmade -
and thinks everyone should purchase items with a soul, special meanings,
as the only way one might buy a piece of happiness!

Silvia is very creative and her hobbies expand to sewing, crocheting, cooking, reading, being a MOM and content homebody.

She is a part time translator for plays and operas for surtitles
She was born in Tuscany and is now living in Germany.

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Magical Whimsical Creative Gifts for the Holiday

Follow Silvia's  beautiful whimsical poetic world at

Congrats on your Beautiful Shop !
Thank you Silvia  ~ an Inspirational Dreamer of BeLieVe.!

Scarlett & BeLieve Members!


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  2. Congrats on your magical fairy tale life!!!!!!!

  3. I love Silvia's work and that photo of her with the children is priceless. She has created a magical place for her family and her collectors. You honor her well Scarlett, beautiful page.

  4. This is so beautiful Silvia- thank you Scarlett for your awesome blog.
    Wishing you all lots of sales :))

  5. What an enchanting story! Beauty abounds ♥

  6. *Revised Publication !!!!
    hope u love this one Silvia!!!

  7. A beautiful lady who creates such enchanting items....lovely.
    The pictures and story are wonderful.

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  9. Looooove Silvia's work! She is so creative!

  10. Love your story Silvia! I stayed home to raise my children too and I know that it takes creativity and imagination to not only make it all work but to encourage creativity in your children as well! I can imagine how children must react to your creations :):)

  11. Such awesome creativity!!! Lovely shop and photos....

  12. Really enjoyed spending some time here. Love the whimsical and beautiful entries

  13. Thank to everyone, sorry I'm late! Sharing tonight on my FB page <3


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