Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We BeLieVe ~ Time is Precious✻~•⊰♥

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Time Is Precious Photos  ~ to be Exact!

Featuring Carina's Lovely Photography Shop of Magical Florals!
A gardeners paradise of Beauty!!!

Carina is married to her Soulmate and has 4 Children.
Being a stay at home Mom   ~ she found photography the perfect hobby 
to visually chronicle her children's time and places in life!
Self Taught photographer - she also began to explore nature's serene beauty.
Her captured shots posted at Instagram ....led her to Etsy!
Thank you for sharing your lovely works of art with us!
Carina is Truly a Busy Bee - She is always an active Member of the Team and Etsy as she loves to curate Treasuries

Carina is now offering everything from calendars to necklaces
 to feed our love of florals!
Stop by her Shop - Not too late for Last minute gift giving!

Visit Time is Precious Photography
for a breath of Springtime!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WE BeLieVe in Pupillae ≽❃≼

Meet our Doll artist - Gioconda
from the Shop Pupillae at Etsy

& Molly - Assistant & Quality Control

Gioconda lives in a magical small village of the National Tuscan-Emilian Apennines in Italy.
Inspired by the woodland beauty surrounding her-
The Dolls at Pupillae are often inspired by  the
whimsical romance of the forest
as well as characters from her love of Literature and Poetry

Pupilla is a Latin word meaning Little Doll - with plural being Pupillae
and many dolls Gioconda has created!
She loves bold colors using mixtures of
wool, fabric, lace, paper clay, and wood.
All her designs are Unique One of a Kind creations
Often her creative ideas take on a life of their own and
surprise Gioconda in the final production ~~~
as with her latest line of dolls.....being her newest Project and Inspiration
Pupillae© Paper Doll-
Fabulous Beautiful Creations that are sure to be a favorite from
Little girls to Women collectors.

Collage of her newest line as well as all the magical creative dolls in her shop

Packaging of Art Doll for Holiday Gift Giving

Follow Gioconda
@Blogg Site

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Visit her  Art Doll Shop for Unique Holiday Gift Giving!!

Thank you Gioconda for being a wonderful member and artist of the team

Scarlett & BeLieVe Artisans