Sunday, November 29, 2015

WE BeLieVe in MammaBook ≽❃≼

Meet Silvia from MammaBook at Etsy

Silvia's  journey began with a blog - Mammabook!

Silvia began keeping a journal on line of her daily life and activities
with her two children.
Entertaining her children  with whimsical stories of
fairy tales, dragons, castles and princesses~
her magical miniatures were born after she painted her first stone
for her captivated audience!
Desiring to be a stay at home mother and experience daily life with her family
she ventured into the online marketplace with her Hopes & Dreams!
where today she is ≽❃≼

Painting Dreams One Stone at a Time!!!!

She loves being a part of the creative process of handmade -
and thinks everyone should purchase items with a soul, special meanings,
as the only way one might buy a piece of happiness!

Silvia is very creative and her hobbies expand to sewing, crocheting, cooking, reading, being a MOM and content homebody.

She is a part time translator for plays and operas for surtitles
She was born in Tuscany and is now living in Germany.

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Magical Whimsical Creative Gifts for the Holiday

Follow Silvia's  beautiful whimsical poetic world at

Congrats on your Beautiful Shop !
Thank you Silvia  ~ an Inspirational Dreamer of BeLieVe.!

Scarlett & BeLieve Members!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Celebrate Small Business Saturday Nov 28

Shop Small this Holiday Season!
Vintage Goods and Handmade Fare abound at Etsy 
Beautiful Quaint Charming Finds 
to Please every one on your Gift List
Our Holiday Gift Guide From BeLieVe Global MarketPlace

Holiday Festive Cheer to Deck your Halls

Vintage Quaint Charming Gifts for the Heirloom Lovers 

Gifts for Her
Sure to Please 

WE BeLieVe in WildGardenDesigns≽❃≼

Featuring Pam ~
Wild Garden Designs Shop at Etsy
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A Collection of Handmade Jewelry
& Hair Accessories 
Inspired by the 
Beauty of a Wild Garden
Pam is the Designer and Photographer of all her 
Lovely items in her Shop
She is very much inspired by Nature and 
love of her Garden as she loves bold color!
When not working in her Etsy Shop she is happy with time spent in her Garden ~ along with her faithful companion IVY the kitty with magical green eyes!

This was a year of Succulents in the California drought~
Pam surrounds her garden with even more bold colors of a blue picket fence!
She is also a Collector of Vintage Quilts and displays many family heirlooms in her home!

Please Visit Pam's Etsy Shop for more Rustic Nature Inspired Delights
to add to your Jewelry Collections
Beautiful Shop for your Holiday Gift Shopping !                                               

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Monday, November 23, 2015

We BeLieVe in FrenchPaperMoon ≽❃≼

We Welcome Carol from FrenchPaperMoon
An Enchanted Shining Star at BeLieVe!

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Self Taught Graphic Art Designer  
FrenchPaperMoon Specializes in French Victorian to
Renaissance Romance and Whimsical Holiday Clip Art
Perfect for your Commercial  or Personal Use.

From her studio -  displays of her Beautiful Graphic Artwork Designs

Fun Bio about the Artist:

A True Bohemian Gypsy World Traveler !!!!

Former Native of Africa where she was a practicing General Physician!

Not Only is she following her passion 
of Graphic Art Designs~
She is Raising 3 Children!
and in the midst of Completing her Doctorates Degree!

Latest Edition to her Etsy Staff~
Biscotti   ♕  New PR

FREE GRAPHIC ART DESIGN for your Holiday Use♥♥
~thank you Carol!!!!


She Represents Romance and Beauty in all her Designs~
Please Visit FrenchPaperMoon at Etsy

Merry Sales from Scarlett and BeLieVe


Friday, November 20, 2015

We BeLieVe in HollyGlimmer ≽❃≼

Celebrate with us -  an Enchanted Star Member
 at BeLieve's Cornerstone Team of  Etsy :

♥  Holly Glimmer

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Holly offers Magical 
Vintage Assemblage
 Jewelry for
 the "Dedicated Daydreamer"

≽❃≼ ----------- ≽❃≼ ♥♥♥ ≽❃≼ ------------- ≽❃≼ 

Holly is the Daughter of a New York Sophisticate & a Nebraska Farm Boy.
Great GrandDaughter of the Shoe Maker to the Russian Czar.

Holly's Diverse Resume in her former Life includes
Ballerina, FX Animator, and Graphic Designer!

Holly has now returned
to her Fondest Childhood Quest
to Seek Treasures!
Instead of Making Maps, Burying Jewels away
in Pirate chests, and Gardens
She is minding her
P's and Q's -
Putting 2 and 2

Hobbies these days are reading with her son,
Watching movies with her Genius " Sheldon Cooper " Hubby!
She Loves Growing Natural things, Dressing up and Solving Mysteries.

Please Visit her  Etsy Shop  HollyGlimmer
for more Magical Whimsical
Jewelry Treasures.

Beautiful Christmas Gifts Perfect for Gift Giving this Holiday Season!

Holly can  also be found on

Happy Holidays
Scarlett & BeLieVe

Thursday, November 19, 2015

BeLieVe - Wednesdays Treasury Pick •ღ❤ღೋ

AlwAyS •ღ❤ღೋ¨ ~~~~~♥

BeLieVe in YOur SelF
BeLiEve in YoUr DrEAms
JuSt BeLiEVe! 

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Wednesdays Treasury Pick of the Week by Hotness/Most Views!

'Rosebud' by hollyglimmer

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SALE The owl Victorian image...

Antique Country Washboard Sh...

Scottish Heather, Pink Wall ...

Ballet Journal, Paris Ballet...

bo peep scarf KNITTING PATTE...

Vintage Pink Wide Brim Pill ...

Tone Of A Heart Necklace - L...

soft peachy apricot satin ri...

Vintage Pink Rhinestone Broo...

NEW // My Lacy Romance // Hi...

Visit our Cornerstone !

We are Looking for Enthusiastic New Members!

BeLieve  ~ Small Group of Enchanted Artisans !
United to Succeed and Follow our Dreams !
Support~Promote~Celebrate & Always Inspire !

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