Thursday, December 8, 2016

Featured Artist: Pupillae Art Doll Designer @ Etsy

Believe MarketPlace has an 
Italian Designer Doll Maker!
Giocando's fabulous Art can be found at
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Please Visit and Browse her blog
where many of the BelieveMarketPlace
and other Etsy Shops are Featured!
The Gorgeous Italian Artist Shops 
are an absolute delight!

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Follow all the Links to see the Beautiful Shops 
Up Close and Personal
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A few of the many Artists featured at her blog!
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Thank you Gio
and Congratulation on your Success


Monday, December 5, 2016

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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as we
 Celebrate the Holidays
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Beautiful Gifts and Christmas Decor!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hello December ~

Hello December
we've been waiting on you!
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Snowfall Returns
as we sit by our Firesides 
and Dream about Christmas Wishes!
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Our Global Group of Etsy Artisans 
Waiting to make your 
Come True
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Happy Shopping!
Remember to Please Shop Small Businesses 
this Season!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Support Small Business this Holiday

TOP 10 Reasons to Shop Small Business and Hand Crafted Artisans this Holiday
1. By Supporting Small Business and Online Artisan Shops - you are actually helping the Economy. 
With so Many People downsized from Companies due to the slow Economy the past few years you are Helping Communities to Sustain. 

2. If You are purchasing Vintage Items -  You are Purchasing Unique High-Quality Items - They have  already Stood the Test of Time and destined to become Antiques, Family Heirlooms and Keepsakes.
3.  Purchasing Hand-made/hand-crafted items - 
you are purchasing items that are Unique Creative Art, lovingly assembled and design by the owner with much attention and detail to their product. 
Artisans take great Pride in their Products and Crafts.  
4. Purchases will be Unique and One of a Kind! 
Whether they Sew, Paint, Build, Mixed Assemblage Arts 
They are driven to Create items unlike anyone else's!
5. Small Shops are more than happy to Customize an order for you! 
 By communicating with an Artist or Small Shop you become a Preferred Customer. 
6.  Return Customers are Preferred Customers offering Discounts, Coupons or added Bonus Gifts with your  new package as they are 
Truly THANKFUL for your Support!
7. Free Gift Wrapping and 
when you SHOP Online - Delivered to your Front Step!
8. You Become an Official Greenie ! Saver of the Environment! 
Purchasing Vintage saves so many fabulous items from the Landfills. 
Handmade Artist often use recycled materials for their art and designs also.
Many use recycled boxing and materials as they BeLieve in Saving the Environment!
9. Avoid the Stampedes, The Madness of the Large Retail Stores! 
The long lines waiting for checkout! ...and Avoid the Frustrated Shoppers 
10. The Warm Fuzzy Feeling - Knowing - that you have made a Difference in Someone's Life on a Personal Level!  
You have given them the support needed to Keep Striving and Building their Business. 
Much more important is the Pride Knowing that they are able to sustain a Business where they are able to express their Creative Passion!
and at the end of the Day -  Support their Loved Ones

On the Behalf of My Shop and My group of Etsy Artisans 
and all the Shaker and Movers out there ..Working every day to make a difference.
We thank you from the Bottom of our Hearts

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

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