Monday, November 24, 2014

2014 Gift Guide ღೋ TeamReloved MarketPlace

Welcome to our 2014 Gift Guide 

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It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas at our team Marketplace♥

Our Creative Artisan Members have a flair for the distinctive charming one of a kind gift !

We have everything from A to Z!

Join us as your begin your Journey for the Perfect Gift!

We are sure that you will find something in our Marketplace of Shops to put a Twinkle in your Eye!♥

Happy Holidays

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pin-Worthy Team Members Featured - Etsy Success Newsletter

It's  that time of year when Etsy Sellers are pulling out all Strategies  to reach new potential customers this Holiday Season!

Team Reloved Members work hard to Market and Grow their business at Etsy and Social Media Promotions!

And two of our Lucky members are into today's Etsy Success Newsletter!
Congrats to them for the coveted spot inside the newsletter - which opens direct doors to one's shop for views around the Globe - which means new Customers and More Sales!
Win Win!

Congrats to Elizabeth @
Pure Nature Photos for her gorgeous Ski Lodge Wintry Snow covered Tree Shot
as featured today ♥

& to Emanuela @
ManuchePostcardsfrom  with her Hedgehog Journal Diary!

Team Reloved is thrilled for you two !!!!!!
Congrats and happy sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brewed Whipped Drizzled Dazzled Wintry Magical Elixir

Wintry Magical Elixir 
 Ancient Elixir of the Mayan Gods - a magical potion or medicinal potion to
 induce Love - Prolonged life -  Happiness!
What Else! ?   Chocolate ! ♥
Our brewed, whipped, drizzled, dazzled concoction will warm your Heart, 
and fight off those Holiday shopping Blues!  

Hot Chocolate Photography By BirdandBloke @ etsy

♥ ☆☆☆ Our Rich Dark Hot Chocolate Recipe. ☆☆☆  European Style.♥

2 oz of dark chocolate 
1 cup of milk       (whole milk for delectable creaminess)
sprinkle of sugar
drop of vanilla
pinch of salt
whipped cream 
chocolate or caramel Topping

Heat Milk. Sugar. Vanilla.. first!
Add broken pieces of Chocolate when milky brew begins to bubble.
Stir until smooth and creamy! Add pinch of salt!
Pour in mug!
Add Whipped Cream
Drizzle w/ Chocolate or Caramel Topping
Sprinkle Dazzle of Cinnamon
for those that require a murkier brew 
Dash of  Baileys Irish Cream before Drizzling and Dazzling!

~ ♥• You are now Brewed, Whipped, Drizzled  & Dazzled •♥ ~

Team Reloved Marketplace offers a variety of Magic Also ~
Magical Holiday Gifts for Women, Men and Children!
Creative Handmade and Vintage Gifts that will bring a smile to your loved one's face this Christmas Morning!
Shop with us in the comfort of your cozy warm cottage with a cup of our magical brew!
Guaranteed to induce Happiness !

Teddy Bear Hoodie
Guitar Music Art Print 

Hot Chocolate Soap

Vintage Copper cookie cutters

                                Handmade Teddy Bears

Handmade Santa doll toy

Joy Letterpress Blocks
Shabby Bohemian Girls Christmas Portrait Fashion
Bohemian Fashion Gift for Her

xoxox toodles

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Wedding March ~ TeamReloved

At Team Reloved we Know WILD HEARTS!
We celebrate Wild at Heart Romance Every Wednesday!
Our Members Curate Beautiful Treasuries for the Hopeless Romantic..
 Etsy is now Celebrating Trending Weddings theme:
 >>>>>Wild Hearts & Wanderlust<<<<<<<
We have Everything to complete your Wedding Dreams Come True
Fabulous Artisans and Creative Sellers to Shop From!
Accessories and Decor for your Wedding♥

Please Join us as We Begin
The Wedding March
Wedding Cake Toppers @3VintageHearts
Midnite Candlelight in the Chapel  @ Wild Travels
Promise of Love
@ShadeTree Photography

The Bride

With this Ring I Do Wed
Woodland Ring Pillow
Here's My Heart @HousewithHeart

 Key To My Heart @OldJewelsILove

Bridal Vintage Elegance
Shabby Wedding Cone Pew Decor
My Love will Always Burn True

Dreams Really do Come True!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wild Hearts Gather @Team Reloved

At Team Reloved we Know WILD HEARTS!
We celebrate Wild at Heart Romance Every Wednesday!
Our Members Curate Beautiful Treasuries for the Hopeless Romantic..
 Etsy is now Celebrating Trending Weddings theme:
 >>>>>Wild Hearts & Wanderlust<<<<<<<
Visit Us for Lovely Vintage and Handmade Bridal Dresses and Accessories.
Please proceed as....
Here Come the Brides of Team Reloved!
Bohemian Cowgirl @SandyBrownDesigns

Tribal Wild Heart @ Spirit Tribe
Hippie Bohemian Romance @ SilkWormVintage
Woodland RomanceTiaras  @WoodlandBlossoms
Starfish Beach Weddings @aynurdereli
Shabby Chic Roses Bridesmaids bags and gifts
Flowergirl dresses @ Pabuita
Victorian Shabby Ring Bearer Pillow by FannyPippin
Woodland Rustic Nest Ring Holder  by ForeverHooked Designs
Wedding Woodland Shabby Bohemian Flower Garland

ProvencalMarket @etsy

Visit our Team Members and Team Reloved Page for more fabulous
Wild Heart Bohemian Bridal Romance at Links at top of  our Page!♥♥

We are the Trending Team of Etsy!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Denim Blue Rustic Romance


♥ Treasury Curation by Aynurdereli   

Collection of Creative Unique Handmade & Collectible Rustic Romance
Holiday Gifts in Rustic Blues.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Smells Like Christmas !

It's beginning to smell alot like Christmas !
We love Old fashioned Homemade Spice Simmering Potpourris.
Natural air fresheners that fill the home with comforting aromas that will remind you of grandmas kitchen!
What a
True Primitive Art of Recycling straight from your
Kitchen Cupboards
and Flower and Herb Gardens.

 You can combine various spices from your pantry with apple slices or my fav - apple peels & the cores for an Apple Pie scent.

Use slices of oranges and cinammon sticks for Orange Marmalade Scent
Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie aroma
tiny putkas with pumpkin pie spices.

Always save your Rose petals and Rose hips!  Love this Blooming Fragrance combined with drop or two of rose oil and almond extract!
Stovetop Simmer style or Electric Crockpot Simmer Style

I prefer the old fashioned way of simmering straight from the stove top!
Thinking of throwing that old pan or teapot away? Recycle for your simmering holiday scents!

Recipes from Team Reloved Members

♥Recipe for Stovetop Homemade Apple Pie Simmering Potpourri
by Scarlett at 3VintageHearts @Etsy
2 sliced apples or
6 apples Scraps peels and cores
1/4 c. cinammon
2 cinnamon sticks
generous sprinking of nutmeg and cloves
Place ingredients in pan or lidded teapot
fill the vessel with water near the top.
place on stove and bring to a boil.
turn heat to lowest level and remember to not let scorch by 
refilling when necessary!
Now let those wonderful scents fill your farmhouse or cottage while we anxiously await the real thing!

♥♥ Recipe for Crockpot Cranberry Cider Simmering Potpourri
by Maria from BBHCreations @ Etsy
Equal Parts of Cranberry Juice and Apple Juice
1 cinnamon stick
1 t cloves
Fill with water near top and let the simmering begin!
Will warm the bodies and hearts of anyone that drops by!

Remember so many wonderful combinations to fill your home with the holidays scents! just be creative with what you have on hand!

Photos from the Team Reloved Members
and RewindTymePrimitives at etsy.

xoxo Toodles!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

As the Fall Turns

As the Warm sunny days of  Autumn turn into cooler crisper Days
We are preparing like nature's furry animals around us to bundle up!
Store away goodies for the long Winter Ahead of us!

Rustic Acorn necklace
Team Reloved is preparing for the turn of the seasons and has many beautiful & trending casual items to stay warm !

Cowgirl Bohemian Autumn Fashion

Vintage Classic Dressing

Bohemian Casual Creations
Sweet Autumn Handfelted Slippers for her

Rustic Woodland fingerless gloves
Team Ascot - True Wild Heart and Seeker of Wanderlust
Fall Rustic Travel Gear Staple the Classic long sleeved
printed TShirt

Stay Warm and Bundle up with Team Reloved!