Sunday, May 17, 2015

DankoHandmade @Etsy ~ ♥ ~ Showing your True Colors! ~

" Showing your True Colors"

Congrats to the Winner of our Social Media Promotion Contest!
Daniel from DankoHandmade Pottery is one of our Newest Members at Team Reloved!

Daniel is a global team mate from Bulgaria ~
Specializing in handmade Ceramics and Handthrown Pottery with each piece handpainted art!!!!
He brings the tradition and elements of color of his native country to his fabulous designs.

He learned his trade from his grandmother as a child and simply "fell in love at first sight"
watching the skilled craftsmen throwing the clay and creating magical pieces.
The most amazing  part for Daniel was watching the glazes change colors in the kiln during the baking process  .As they cooled - watching the cups and vases eventually ~
"Show their True Colors" !
This Magical Process never left his mind and he went on to open his own shop after graduating
from 2 art schools with degrees.

Today he works with a Team of eight people at his workshop in Pleven, Bulgaria
And  he couldn't be Happier!!!!.
He works with the elements of the earth and nature to create his own unique yet traditional styles!!!

Congrats to Daniel for recognizing his True Love and following his dream to have the perfect
 Dream Job!

Find Daniel's Fabulous Wares at his Etsy Shop DankoHandmade

Follow him at Facebook and Twitter to see all his latest creations!

Own a Fabulous hand created art piece from Tea Pots to Pitchers, Coffee Mugs, Bowls, Trays to unique Salt n Pepper Shakers ~  for your own collection !

Congrats Daniel and thank you for being a very valuable addition to Team Reloved



  1. Congrats Daniel. Love his story!

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  3. Daniel! What an amazing and awe inspiring feature! We are so fortunate to work with you and other artisans who make their passion their work!

  4. Great article - I love Daniels hand created art pieces.

  5. I love Daniel's functional art. I think I need to buy a mug for hubby for Father's Day. Of course, I will need a matched mug for myself!!

  6. Love the rich colors Daniel and that you can work at what makes you happy, bonus!

  7. Wonderful collection Daniel. Love it.

  8. Wonderful collection Daniel. Love it.

  9. Daniel's ceramics are so unique!! Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the person behind the shop!

  10. Congratulations Daniel! Gorgeous collection! Thank you for the peek into your world.

  11. Gorgeous work and love your shop!!

  12. What an artist!!! Fabulous Collection, Daniel!!!
    Just Make Lemonade

  13. I love ceramic art, and Daniel's creations so unique and really boho! Love love love!
    Thank you Scarlett!


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