Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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Meet The Artist
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Dorothy Jane established her beautiful Shop in 2008 at Etsy.
She has often been imitated but can not be duplicated!
As an Awesome Talented Creative Artisan she has been following her passion of this art for years.
With an extensive collection of 19th century fashion plates, antique letters, books, periodicals  scanned into her library at photoshoppe - she creates these whimsical romantic wonders.
She focuses on the Feminine Heroines in soft beautiful pastel artwork
and we love her Jane Austen, Bronte Sisters and various Poetic works of Art.
Woodland Nature and Fairy works are some of my Favorites also

Visit her Shop for fabulous One of a Kind- creative Journals, Gift Tags, and More!
She Creates the entire process by hand - takes extensive hours to assemble each one.
Can be Lovingly created as custom order for you!!!


There is no Charm ~ Equal to Tenderness of the Heart
Jane Austen


  1. I love Dorothy's romantic, vintage beautiful fashion and design, right up my alley!! Hew work is beautiful!!

  2. I love that her designs are from vintage plates and items - very interesting, beautiful and romantic - Love her work!!

  3. Dorothy's art is so beautiful and evokes the feelings of dreamy possibilities!

  4. She has such a marvelous shop, I'm still exploring all the Beautiful creations!

  5. I love the soft, muted, romantic colors in Dorothy's work! I just want to live in her shop!!!
    Just Make Lemonade

  6. Dorothy's work is so sweet and romantic! love her shop!

  7. literature, fairy tales, romantic figures from the past, and more - love! beautiful!

  8. It has been an amazing week for Dorothy Jane! This is simply the icing on the cake!

  9. Romantic and charming, love your shop Dorothy!

  10. I love Dorothy's works, her unique, romantic vintage style.
    Thank you Scarlett for sharing!

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